CAPTURE is a tablet-based software solution that allows business owners and event managers to gather meaningful data from their customers and guests.

With CAPTURE, you can collect names, email addresses, phone numbers and just about any other useful piece of information you can think of from your audience.  It is completely customizable, allowing you to easily integrate your organization’s look and feel and acquire the actionable information you need to further engage your customers.

Additionally, CAPTURE can serve as your virtual guestbook and even allows you to manage promotions and giveaways.  

CAPTURE can be installed on the iOS tablet or tablets you already have on-hand. Your data is neatly organized per event and is simple to export into your mail program for after-event re-marketing.

And the best part of all, CAPTURE automatically verifies the authenticity of all user submitted email addresses, ensuring your outreach efforts are finding their way to your customers' in-boxes.

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