In our previous post, we suggested when certain prospects are putting up a wall of resistance that it is best to make like Elsa and Let It Go. The point was, rather than simply pestering prospective donors and customers into submission, that it is sometimes advisable to refocus... (continue)


Let’s do a quick exercise where we forget we’re in the business of constantly trying to attract new business and/or donors, and focus instead on our roles (continue)

It seems we're always waiting for something: clients to get back to us with feedback, vendors to deliver as promised, or our marketing efforts to take hold and produce... (continue reading)

If your Customer Engagement Strategy hasn't had a refresh lately, you could be doing more harm than good! In our latest video, we discuss why it's important to keep things current.


Are you converting prospects into customers and first-time customers into repeat customers?  This type of self-reflection can be difficult... (continue)

Please have a look at the video companion for our blog post, "Integrating Technology Into Your Customer Appreciation Plan"

I’ve always been a little baffled by the disconnect between technology and customer appreciation. On the surface, one might think... (continue)

Our customers are never going to run out of options. The level of specialization for any product or service... (continue)

Here is the video companion for our blog post - "Start at the Start - Data Collection 101".  

One of our primary goals for producing this content is to help take the stigma out of the idea of data collection.  We’ve had prospective clients... (continue)

We've developed a video companion for our blog post "Big Data for Small Business"  Have a look!

For most small businesses, non-profits and any other non-conglomerate B2C operation, the idea of trying to extract any meaningful value from a "Big Data" approach is a non-starter.  Big Data is what insurance companies... (continue)