Amee has been a marketing strategist for over 20 years, providing high level expertise to organizations by offering direction on strategic roadmaps, corporate branding, event strategy, and tactical campaigns that create the momentum to help companies stand out in a crowded marketplace. Her wealth of experience in this arena make her a natural fit in Immersive’s innovative approach to reshaping the Event marketing landscape.

“Some organizations are skeptical of the value of exhibiting at conferences, seeing little measurable ROI other than a handful of leads. Immersive Marketing Technology suddenly makes tradeshows a strategic investment for sponsors and exhibitors, propelled by the value that conference organizers can now provide with these cutting edge analytic and engagement tools.”

Having managed the marketing and PR efforts of several large, medium, and start-up organizations, Amee brings deep expertise in business strategy and communications. Working with high tech organizations since the mid 90s, she helped develop and market one of the first online subscription business sites, Arthur Andersen’s KnowledgeSpace. She has been an invited speaker on digital marketing in forums such as the Red Herring conference, CEO round tables held at Stanford University, and the George Mason Small Business Development Center.

“I love working with organizations that aren’t afraid to think differently about how to best communicate with their customers. With Immersive, we’re bringing digital, mobile, and location technologies to the forefront of conference intelligence. You’ve never seen attendee engagement at these levels, bringing insights to strategic tradeshow planning and success you never dreamt possible.”